Characters from Dragon Prince/Star

Special thanks to Anna for this list!
Sunrunners and Sorcerers are in italics


Abidias (658-701): Lord of Tuath Castle. Died of Plague.

Abinor: Lady of Rezeld Manor. m(?) Morlen. Mother of Avaly.

Adilia (697-): Mother of Miyon’s bastard daughter Meiglan.

Apina: Kiele’s childhood nurse.

Ailech: Afina’s sister; deceased.

Ajit (657-719): Prince of Firon. Six wives, including Pavla (713). Killed by Pandsala.

Aladra (676-694): Roelstra’s mistress.

Alasen of Kierst (696-): Volog’s youngest daughter. m719 Ostvel. Mother of Camigwen (Jeni), Milar, Dannar.

Aldiara (722-): Yarin’s distant cousin.

Alleyn of Dorval (724-): Daughter of Ludhil and Iliena.

Allun (685-): Lord of Lower Pyrme. m719 Kiera.

Amiel of Gilad (716-): Cabar’s only son and heir. m737 Nyr. Fostered at Dragon’s Rest 729; knighted 737.

Andrade of Catha Freehold (649-719): Lady of Goddess Keep 677-719. Milar’s twin sister. Killed by sorcery.

Andrev of Goddess Keep (724-737): Andry’s son by Othanel. Tilal’s squire 737.

Andry of Radzyn Keep (699-737): Lord of Goddess Keep 719-737. Son of Chay and Tobin; Sorin’s twin. Fostered at High Kirat 711-713; Goddess Keep 713. Father of Andrev, Tobren, Chayly, Joscev, Merisel.

Antalya of Waes (679-701): Sister of Lyell. m698 Eltanin. Mother of Tallain. Died of Plague.

Anto: Guard at Dragon’s Rest.

Arlis of Kierst-Isel (710-): Prince of Kierst-Isel (Isel 727-[regency to 730]; Kierst 737-). Fostered at Stronghold 722; knighted 730. m730 Demalia. Father of Roric, Hanella, Brenoc. Son of Latham and Hevatia, grandson of Volog and Saumer.

Arnisaya of Gilad Seahold (708-): m731 Edirne of Fessenden. Mother of Lenig.

Arpali (704-737): Court Sunrunner at Tiglath 725-727. Balarat 730-737.

Murdered at Balarat.

Athil (680-703): Father of Ianthe’s son Segev. Killed by Ianthe.

Audran of Dorval (728-): Son of Ludhil and Iliena.

Audrite of Sandeia (670-): m692 Chadric. Mother of Ludhil, Laric.

Aurar of Catha Heights (715-737): Daughter of Patwin and Rabia. Chiana’s niece. Fostered at Swalekeep 732-. Murdered at Swalekeep.

Avaly of Rezeld Manor (703-): Daughter of Morlen and Abinor.


Baisath (650-737): Lord of Faolain Lowland. Killed in Vellant’im attack.

Barig of Gilad: Cousin to Cabar.

Betheyn (707-): Sorin’s unofficial betrothed. At Radzyn 731-.

Birani of Kierst (688-): Daughter of Volog. m708 Obram of Isel.

Birioc of Catchwater (716-737): Miyon’s bastard son by a Merida noblewoman. Trained at Remagev 735-736. Half-brother of Meiglan, Ezanto, Zanyr, Duroth. Killed in battle at Tiglath.

Bosaia of Einar (698-): Brother of Sabriam. Fostered at Lower Pyrme 710-.

Branig (706-737): Tutor at Swalekeep.

Brenlis (718-737): Mother of Andry’s daughter Merisel. Fostered briefly at Stronghold 730. Killed in Vellant’im attack at Faolain Riverport.


Cabar (687-): Prince of Gilad 701-. m705 Kenza. Father of Amiel, Selante.

Camanto of Fessenden (705-737): Eldest son of Pirro; not his heir. Murdered.

Camigwen (676-701): m698 Ostvel. Mother of Riyan. Died of Plague.

Camigwen (Jeni) of Castle Crag (720-): Daughter of Ostvel and Alasen. Fostered at Stronghold 734-.

Catallen: Bard, tutor, and Miyon’s spy at Dragon’s Rest.

Chadric of Dorval (664-): Prince of Dorval 720-. Son of Lleyn. m692 Audrite of Sandeia. Father of Ludhil, Laric. Fostered at Stronghold 677; knighted 683.

Chale (645-724): Prince of Ossetia.

Chalia of Ossetia (650-695): Chale’s sister. m680 Haldor of Syr. Mother of Jastri, Gemma.

Chandar: Guard at Castle Crag.

Chayla of Whitecliff (722-): Daughter of Maarken and Hollis. Fostered at Remagev 736-. Twin of Rohannon.

Chaynal (668-): Lord of Radzyn Keep 689-. m690 Tobin. Father of Maarken, Jahni, Andry, Sorin. Battle Commander of the Desert 695-737.

Chelan (670-): Father of Ianthe’s son Ruval.

Chiana (698-): Roelstra’s daughter by Palila. m719 Halian. Mother of Rinhoel, Palila. Fostered at Goddess Keep 698-704.

Cipris (687-708): Roelstra’s daughter by Surya. Killed by Pandsala.

Cladon (681-): Lord of River Ussh. Father of Edrel.

Clutha (644-722): Prince of Meadowlord. Father of Gennadi, Halian. Grandfather of Isaura.

Cluthine of Huntsmoor (695-737): Halian’s niece; Isaura’s sister. Murdered at Swalekeep.

Crigo (665-698): Addicted to dranath by Roelstra.


Damayan: Guard at Dragon’s Rest.

Daniv of Syr (721-): Prince of Syr 737-. Son of Kostas and Danladi. Fostered at Stronghold 734-.

Danladi (694-): Roelstra’s daughter by Aladra. Fostered at High Kirat 705-. m720 Kostas of River Run (Prince of Syr 724-737). Mother of Daniv, Aladra.

Dannar of Castle Crag (726-): Son of Ostvel and Alasen. Fostered at Dragon’s Rest 737-.

Davvi of River Run (665-): Lord of River Run 680-705; Prince of Syr 705-. Sioned’s brother. m686 Wisla. Father of Kostas, Tilal, Riaza.

Deniker (705-): Devri. m735 Ulwis.

Donato (671-): Accompanied Sioned to Desert 698. Court Sunrunner at Castle Crag 720-.

Draza (709-): Lord of Grand Veresch 732-. m729 Jeriana. Father of Ezmaar, Ianel.

Dreslav (646-): Lord of Grand Veresch.

Duroth (718-737): Miyon’s bastard son. Executed.


    Edirine of Fessenden (707-737): Pirro’s younger son and heir. m731 Arnisaya of Gilad Seahold. Father of Lenig. Murdered.

Edrel of River Ussh (715-): Son of Cladon. Fostered at Dragon’s Rest 727; knighted 735. m737 Norian of Grib. Brother of Kerluthan, Pelida.

Elsen of Grib (710-): Velden’s only son and heir. m731 Selante of Gilad. Father of Vellanur.

Eltanin (678-724): Lord of Tiglath. m698 Antalya. Father of Tallain.

Emlys: Lord of Dasan Manor. Athri at whose home Masul grew up.

Eneida: Fironese ambassador.

Eolie: Court Sunrunner at Graypearl.

Eridin: At Goddess Keep.

Evais (674-): Father of Ianthe’s son Marron.

Evarin (716-): Physicians School in Gilad 733-735; Goddess Keep 735; Master Physician 736.

Ezanto (713-737): Son of Miyon. Executed.


Farid (638-704): Lord of Skybowl. Killed by Merida.

Fenice: At Goddess Keep.

Feylin (684-): m706 Walvis. Mother of Sionell, Jahnavi.


Garic (642-): Lord of Elktrap Manor. Grandfather of Ruala.

Geir of Waes (707-): Son of Kiele and Lyell.

Gemma of Syr (694-): Princess of Ossetia 724-. Daughter of Haldor and Chalia. Fostered at High Kirat 704-719. m719 Tilal. Mother of Rihani, Sioneva, Sorin.

Gennadi of Meadowlord (667-): Regent of Waes 719-. Daughter of Clutha.

Gerik: Ancient Sunrunner.

Gevina (679-701): Roelstra’s daughter by Vamana. Died of Plague.

Gevlia (705-728): Itinerant Sunrunner in Gilad accused of negligance in the death of a merchant. Suicided.

Giamo: Innkeeper on Dorval


Hadaan (634-714): Lord of Remagev. Rohan’s distant cousin.

Haldor (656-701): Prince of Syr. m680 Chalia. Father of Jastri, Gemma. Died of Plague.

Halian of Meadowlord (680-737): Prince of Meadowlord 722-737. Son of Clutha. m719 Chiana. Father of Rinhoel, Palila. Murdered by Rinhoel.

Hevatia of Isel (682-737): Daughter of Saumer. m707 Latham. Mother of Arlis, Saumer, Alathiel. Killed in Vellant’im attack on Kierst.

Hildreth (673-): Itinerant Sunrunner 700-731. Court Sunrunner at Dragon’s Rest 732-. m705 Ullan. Mother of Feneol, Aldreth.

Hollis (691-): Goddess Keep 707-718; Court Sunrunner at Kadar Water 718-719. m719 Maarken of Radzyn Keep. Mother of Chayla, Rohannon.


Ianthe of Princemarch (676-704): Lady of Feruche 699-704. Roelstra’s daughter by Lallante. Mother of Ruval, Marron, Segev, Pol. Killed by Ostvel.

Iavol: Steward at Castle Crag.

Idalian of Faolain Riverport (718-): Son of Baisath and Michinida. Mirsath’s brother. Fostered at Balarat 732-.

Iliena of Snowcoves (697-): m721 Ludhil of Dorval. Mother of Alleyn, Audran. Sister of Lisiel, Yarin.

Inoat of Ossetia (664-719): Son of Chale. Father of Jos. Killed by Pandsala.

Isaura of Hunstmoor (700-): Granddaughter of Clutha. m719 Sabriam of Einar. Mother of Isriam. Halian’s niece, Cluthine’s sister.

Isriam of Einar (721-): Son of Sabriam and Isaura. Fostered at Stronghold 734-.

Izaea of Catha Heights (711-): Daughter of Patwin and Rabia.


Jahnavi of Remagev (711-737): Lord of Tuath Castle 734-. m732 Rabisa. Fostered at Skybowl 722; knighted 730. Father of Siona, Jeren. Son of Walvis and Feylin. Killed in battle at Tuath.

Jahni of Radzyn Keep (693-701): Son of Chay and Tobin; Maarken’s twin. Died of Plague.

Jal: Guard in Chay’s service.

Jastri (688-704): Prince of Syr. Son of Haldor and Chalia. Killed in battle against Rohan.

Jayachin (702-737): Master merchant from Waes. Unofficial athri of refugees outside Goddess Keep. Mother of Ondiar. Killed by Andry for heresy.

Jelena (689-701): Roelstra’s daughter by Palila. Died of Plague.

Jervis (655-701): Lord of Waes. Father of Antalya, Lyell. Died of Plague.

Jihan of Princemarch (730-): Daughter of Pol and Meiglan. Rislyn’s twin.

Jobyna: At Goddess Keep.

Jofra: Guard at Castle Crag.

Johlarian: Court Sunrunner at Faolain Lowland.

Jolan (702-): Devri. m722 Torien.

Jos of Ossetia (709-719): Son of Inoat. Killed by Pandsala.


Kabil (692-): Lord of Tuath Castle. Grandfather of Rabisa.

Karanaya of Faolain Lowland (711-):     Cousin of Mirsath and Idalian.

Karayan (660-689): Roelstra’s mistress.

Kassia: At Goddess Keep.

Kazander (711-737):     Korrus (battle leader) of Isulk’im. Trained at Remagev 728-729. Killed in battle with the Vellant’im.

Kenza (683-): m705 Cabar of Gilad. Mother of Amiel.

Kerluthan (706-737): Lord of River Ussh 729-737. m734 Lesni. Brother of Edrel, Pavoel. Killed in battle with the Vellant’im at Swalekeep.

Kiele (681-719): Roelstra’s daughter by Karayan. m704 Lyell. Mother of Geir, Lyela. Executed.

Kiera of Einar (698-): Sister of Sabriam and Bosaia.

Kierun of Lower Pyrme (725-): Elder son and heir of Allun and Kiera of Einar. Fostered at Dragon’s Rest 737-.

Kleve (681-719): Itinerant Sunrunner killed by Masul.

Kolya (696-): Lord of Kadar Water 701-. Father of Malyander.

Kostas of River Run (687-737): Prince of Syr 724-737. m720 Danladi, daughter of Roelstra. Son of Davvi and Wisla. Fostered at Kadar Water 700; knighted 708. Brother of Tilal. Father of Daniv, Aladra. Assassinated by Merida.


Lallante of The Mountain (655-679): m673 Roelstra. Mother of Naydra, Lenala, Pandsala, Ianthe.

Lamia (683-701): Roelstra’s daughter by Karayan. Died of Plague.

Laric of Dorval (698-): Prince of Firon 719-. m721 Lisiel of Snowcoves. Son of Chadric and Audrite. Fostered at High Kirat 710; knighted 718. Father of Tirel, Larien.

Latham of Kierst (683-737): Son of Volog. m707 Hevatia. Father of Arlis. Killed in Vellant’im attack on Kierst.

Lenala of Princemarch (674-701): Roelstra’s daughter by Lallante. Died of Plague.

Lisiel of Snowcoves (699-): m721 Laric of Dorval. Mother of Tirel, Larien. Sister of Iliena, Yarin.

Lleyn (683-): Prince of Dorval. m660 Aliana of Adni River. Father of Chadric.

Ludhil of Dorval (694-): m721 Iliena of Snowcoves. Son of Chadric and Audrite. Fostered at Fessada 705; knighted 714. Father of Alleyn, Audran.

Lyela of Waes (709-737): Daughter of Kiele and Lyell, Tallian’s cousin. Resident at Tiglath 720-737. Killed in ambush in the Veresch.

Lyell (683-719): Lord of Waes. m704 Kiele. Father of Geir, Lyela. Executed.


Maarken of Radzyn Keep (693-): Lord of Whitecliff. Son of Chay and Tobin, Jahni’s twin. Fostered at Graypearl 702; knighted 712; Goddess Keep 712-719. Battle Commander of the Desert 737-. m719 Hollis. Father of Chayla, Rohannon. Chay’s eldest son and heir.

Maeta (670-719): Commander of Stronghold guard. Myrdal’s daughter. Killed at Castle Crag.

Malyander of Kadar Water (725-): Son of Kolya. Fostered at Athmyr 737-.

Marron of Feruche (701-728): Ianthe’s son by Evais. Killed by Andry.

Masul (698-719): Pretender to the throne of Princemarch. Killed by Rohan.

Meath (673-737): Accompanied Sioned to Desert 698. Court Sunnrunner at Graypearl 698-. Killed by Vellant’im near Skybowl.

Meiglan of Gracine Manor (710-737):     Miyon’s bastard Daughter. m728 Pol. Mother of Jihan, Rislyn. High Princess 737. Killed by Vellant’im High Warlord.

Merisel: Ancient Sunrunner.

Mevita (714-737): m732 Rialt. Mother of Polev. Murdered at Swalekeep.

Michinida (688-737): m708 Baisath of Faolain Riverport. Mother of Mirsath, Idalian. Killed in Vellant’im attack on Faolain Riverport.

Milar of Catha Freehold (649-701): Andrade’s twin. m670 Zehava. Mother of Tobin, Rohan. Died of Plague.

Milosh of Fessenden (699-): Pimantal’s youngest son.

Mireva (659-728): Diarmadhi who raised Ruval, Marron, and Segev. Lallante’s kinswoman. Killed by Riyan.

Mirsath of Faolain Riverport (716-): Lord of Faolain Lowland 737-. Son of Baisal and Michinida. Fostered at High Kirat 728; knighted 736.

Miyon (689-737): Prince of Cunaxa 701-737. Father of Ezanto, Zanyr, Birioc, Duroth, Meiglan. Killed by Andry.

Moria (684-): Roelstra’s daughter by Surya.

Morlen (674-): Lord of Rezeld Manor.

Morwenna (684-737): At Stronghold 724-737. Killed in Vellant’im attack on Stronghold.

Moswen (692-): Roelstra’s daughter by Palila.

Myrdal (645-737): Commander of Stronghold guard 675-703. Maeta’s mother; Rohan’s bastard cousin.


Natham of Snowcoves (727-): Only son and heir of Yarin and Vallaina.

Narat (677-737): Lord of Port Adni. m705 Naydra.

Nayati (684-717): Roelstra’s daughter by Vamana. Killed by Pandsala.

Naydra of Princemarch (673-): Roelstra’s daughter by Lallante. m705 Narat of Port Adni.

Nemthe (689-): Dorvali silk merchant.

Nialdan (703-): Devri.

Norian of Grib (718-): Daughter of Velden. m737 Edrel of River Ussh.

Nyr (718-): m737 Amiel of Gilad.


Obram of Isel (680-711): Son of Saumer. m708 Birani. Killed by Pandsala.

Oclel (705-737): Devri. m727 Rusina. Father of Surida.

Ostvel (673-): Lord of Castle Crag 719-. Second Steward of Goddess Keep 695-698; High Chamberlain of Stronghold 698-705; Lord of Skybowl 705-719; Regent of Princemarch 719-726. m (1) 698 Camigwen; (2) 719 Alasen of Kierst. Father of Riyan; Camigwen, Milar, Dannar.

Othanel (706-): At Goddess Keep.


Palevna (678-): Mother of Othanel. Accompanied Sioned to Desert 698.

Palila (669-698): Roelstra’s mistress. Killed by Roelstra.

Palila of Meadowlord (723-): Daughter of Chiana and Halian.

Pandsala of Princemarch (675-719): Roelstra’s daughter by Lallante. At Goddess Keep 698-708. Regent of Princemarch 705-719. Killed by Segev.

Patwin (691-737): Lord of Catha Heights 701-. m709 Rabia, daughter of Roelstra. Father of Izaea, Sangna, Aurar. Executed.

Pavla (687-713): Roelstra’s daughter by Palila. m713 Ajit. Killed by Pandsala.

Pellira: Guard in Pandsala’s service.

Pimantal (657-716): Prince of Fessenden.

Pirro (683-): Prince of Fessenden 716-. m704 Lennor. Father of Camanto, Edirne.

Pol (704-): Ruler of Princemarch 725-; Prince of the Desert 737-; High Prince 737-. m728 Meiglan of Gracine Manor. Fostered at Graypearl 716; knighted 725. Rohan’s son by Ianthe of Princemarch. Father of Jihan, Rislyn.

Polev (733-): Son of Rialt and Mevita.



Rabia (693-715): Roelstra’s daughter by Palila. m709 Patwin. Mother of Izaea, Sangna, Aurar. Killed by Pandsala.

Rabisa of Tuath Castle (712-737): m732 Jahnavi of Remagev. Mother of Siona, Jeren. Kabil’s granddaughter and heiress. Killed in ambush in the Veresch.

Rasoun: Overseer at Skybowl mines.

Relnaya (675-737): Court Sunrunner at Remagev 724-. Killed in Vellant’im attack on Stronghold.

Revia: Guard in Chay’s service.

Rialt (701-737): Chamberlain at Dragon’s Rest 726-730; Regent of Waes 730-. m (2) 731 Mevita. Father of Mistrin, Tessalar; Polev. Murdered at Swalekeep.

Riaza of River Run (694-701): Daughter of Davvi and Wisla. Died of Plague.

Rihani of Ossetia (720-737): Elder son of Tilal and Gemma, heir to Ossetia. Fostered at High Kirat 732-; knighted in the field 737. Died of wounds.

Rinhoel of Meadowlord (720-): Only son and heir of Chiana and Halian. At Remagev Summer 735.

Rislyn of Princemarch (730-): Daughter of Pol and Meiglan. Jihan’s twin.

Riyan of Skybowl (699-): Lord of Skybowl 719-; Lord of Feruche 728-; Lord of Elktrap Manor 730-. Son of Ostvel and Camigwen. Fostered at Swalekeep 711-713, 717-719; knighted 719; Goddess Keep 713-717. m728 Ruala. Father of Maara.

Roelstra (653-704): High Prince 665-704, m763 Lallante. Father of Naydra, Lenala, Pandsala, Ianthe; Gevina, Rusalka, Alieta, Nayati; Kiele, Lamia; Moria, Cipris; Pavla, Jelena, Moswen, Rabia, Chiana; Danladi. Killed by Rohan.

Rohan (677-737): Prince of the Desert 698-737 ; High Prince 705-737. Fostered at Remagev 690; knighted 695. m698 Sioned. Father of Pol.

Rohannon of Whitecliff (722-): Son of Maarken and Hollis. Twin of Chayla. Fostered at New Raetia/Zaldivar 735-.

Rosseyn: Ancient Sunrunner.

Ruala of Elktrap Manor (700-): m728 Riyan. Mother of Maara.

Rusalka (680-712): Roelstra’s daughter by Vamana. Killed by Pandsala.

Rusina (708-737): Devri. m727 Oclel. Mother of Andry’s daughter Tobren; Surida.

Ruval of Feruche (700-728): Ianthe’s son by Chelan. Killed by Pol’s dragon Azhdeen.


Sabriam (695-): Lord of Einar 701-. m719 Isaura of Huntsmoor. Father of Isriam. Brother of Bosaia, Kiera.

Saumer (659-): Prince of Isel. Father of Obram, Hevatia.

Saumer of Kierst-Isel (720-): Son of Latham and Hevatia. Brother of Arlis. Fostered at High Kirat 734-; knighted in the field 737.

Segelin (702-737): Lord of Gilad Seahold. m732 Paveol of River Ussh. Father of Edrelin. All three casualties of war.

Segev of Feruche (703-719): Ianthe’s son by Athil. Killed by Hollis.

Sethric of Grib (717-): Velden’s nephew. Remagev 736-737.

Sinar (610-678): Prince of Kierst. m635 Siona. Grandfather of Sioned, Davvi, Volog.

Siona (614-678): m635 Sinar. Grandmother of Sioned, Davvi, Volog    .

Sioned of River Run (677-737): Goddess Keep 689-698. m698 Rohan. Princess of the Desert 698-737; High Princess 705-737. Sister of Davvi.

Sionell of Remagev (708-): m726 Tallain. Daughter of Walvis and Feylin. Mother of Antalya, Jahnev, Meig.

Sioneva of Ossetia (721-): Daughter of Tilal and Gemma.

Sorin of Radzyn Keep (699-728): Lord of Feruche. Son of Chay and Tobin; Andry’s twin. Fostered at New Raetia 711; knighted 719. Killed by Marron and Ruval.

Sorin of Ossetia (728-): Younger son of Tilal and Gemma.

Surya (665-690): Roelstra’s mistress.


Tallain of Tiglath (700-737): Lord of Tiglath 724-737. m726 Sionell of Remagev. Son of Eltanin and Antalya. Fostered at Stronghold 713; knighted 721. Father of Antalya, Jahnev, Meig. Killed in battle at Tiglath.

Tessalar (723-): Daughter of Rialt. Fostered at New Raetia 737-.

Thacri: Giladian master weaver.

Thanys (683-): Diarmadhi servant to Meiglan.

Tibalia: Head of maidservants at Stronghold.

Tibayan (642-714): Lord of Lower Pyrme. Father of Allun. Killed by Pandsala.

Tiel: Court Sunrunner at Swalekeep.

Tilal of River Run (692-): Lord of River Run 712-719; Prince of Ossetia 724-. m719 Gemma. Son of Davvi and Wisla; Kostas’ brother. Fostered at Stronghold 702; knighted 712. Sioned’s nephew.

Tirel of Firon (730-): Elder son of Laric and Lisiel, heir of Firon.

Tobin of the Desert (671-): Rohan’s sister. m690 Chaynal. Mother of Maarken, Jahni, Sorin, Andry.

Tobren of Goddess Keep (725-): Andry’s daughter by Rusina. Fostered at Whitecliff Manor 737-.

Torien (697-): Devri. m722 Jolan. Chief Steward of Goddess Keep 723-.

Tormichin (656-): Dorvali silk merchant.


Ulricca: Goldsmith in Waes.

Ulwis (711-): Devri. Mother of Andry’s son Joscev. m735 Deniker.

Urival (653-726): Chief Steward of Goddess Keep 681-723.

Urstra (669-737): Birioc’s Merida uncle. Executed.


Valeda (700-737): Devri. Mother of Andry’s daughter Chayly. Killed by Vellant’im High Warlord.

Vamana (658-686): Roelstra’s mistress.

Vamanis (700-737): Court Sunrunner at Swalekeep 725-728; Tiglath 729-737. Killed in attack on Tiglath.

Varek (698-): Second Battlelord to Vellanti High Warlord.

Velden (683-): Prince of Grib 701-. m708 Gaela. Father of Elsen, Norian.

Vessie: At Goddess Keep.

Visian (715-): Brother of Kazander’s youngest wife.

Volnaya of Kierst (702-): Volog’s younger son.

Volog (659-737): Prince of Kierst 692-737. m689 Gyula. Father of Latham, Birani, Alasen, Volnaya. Sioned’s cousin.


Walvis (685-): Lord of Remagev 714-. m706 Feylin. Fostered at Stronghold 697; knighted 703. Father of Sionell, Jahnavi.

Willa: Giamo’s wife.

Wisla of River Run (663-717): Princess of Syr 705-717. m686 Davvi. Mother of Kostas, Tilal, Riaza.



Yarin of Snowcoves (690-): Lord of Snowcoves 701-. m725 Vallaina. Father of Natham. Brother of Iliena, Liesel.


Zanyr (715-737): Son of Miyon.

Zehava (638-698): Prince of the Desert. m670 Milar. Father of Tobin, Rohan. Killed by a dragon.

Zel: Guard at Dragon’s Rest.



Sunrunners and Sorcerers are in italics