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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
as researched by Lady Brenlis

The Bekke Theory


Lirsa Bekke

Lirsa was a renegade Warrior Mage working for the Grand Duke. They were both killed by Anniyas in 939, a year after Collan was born. I have a feeling that magic must come from both sides, and the Garvedian/Bekke variation allows for that. Bekkes are Third Tier, so the description of equally powerful may be weak.

It was suggested on the Bulletin Board that Collan may have been Warded then raised by Elseveth and Viko before a second Warding and Col’s move to Scraller’s.

Gavirin Bekke

…an old man who’d been a Captal’s Warder for thirty years. Gavirin Bekke, seventy-four this summer and retired since before Leninor Garvedian’s death, was a Warrior Mage to his arthritic fingertips and knew what was what when it came to protecting a Captal.
Moreover, he was a collateral descendant of the Caitirin Bekke who had built the tower at the Academy, he had served as a Warder under First Sword Gorynel Desse, and his father’s cousin’s son had at one time been Desse’s Sword second. …he meant what he said when he announced that where the Captal was, there too would he be. (She also felt mild shock that he had grown so old—a reaction based on Gorsha’s eternally youthful image of himself, no doubt.)  RoA p 493


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