Countries & Their Colors

as featured in Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince & Dragon Star novels 

Cunaxa orange
 Castle Pine 

Desert blue (banner:gold dragon on blue field)
 Tuathdesert blue/orange
 Tiglathdesert blue/golden yellow
 Skybowldesert blue/brown
 Feruchedesert blue/black
 Elktrap Manordesert blue/green
 Remagevdesert blue/white
 Radzyn Keepred/white (banner: red field bound in white, silver sword on red field-entire thing bound in desert blue)

Dorval pale blue (banner:white ship on blue field)

Syr turquoise (banner: silver apple on turquoise field)

Gilad blushing pink (banner: 3 silver moons on pink field)

Ossetia dark green (banner: golden wheat sheaf on green field)
 Goddess Keepwhite

Meadowlord light green (banner: leaping black deer on green field)

Grib red (banner: white candle on red field)
 River UsshRed/Brown

Kierst Isel scarlet/yellow (banner: scarlet bordered in yellow with silver flasks outlined in black)
 High Kirat 

Princemarch violet (banner: violet bordered in gold with leaping brown deer)
 Dragon’s Restviolet/white (banner: white wreath on violet field)
 Castle Cragviolet/blue

Fessenden sea green (banner: silver fleece on green field)

Firon black (banner: red seashell edged in gold on black field)
 Snowcoveswhite/pale yellow