Exiles: Ruins of Ambrai: Timeline

Timeline contains spoilers for both Ruins of Ambrai and Mageborn Traitor. Some events listed were taken from the timeline at the beginning of Mageborn Traitor. Events without a date listed next to them happened during the year they are under, but the specific date is unknown. Timeline compiled by Kelly Haines with the assistance of Bren Williams.

Year Events

  • Deia Garvedian marries
  • Fler Garvedian born
  • Deia Garvedian divorces husband, later marries a Desse
  • Gorynel Desse born
  • Fler Garvedian marries Niyan Mikleine
  • Telo Ambrai born
  • Jeymian Renne born
  • Fallun Garvedian born
  • Leninor Garvedian born
  • Auvry Feiran born
  • Elseveth Garvedian born
  • Maichen Ambrai born
  • Captal Ferros dies. Leninor Garvedian becomes Mage Captal
  • Auvry feels Summons�Linnar Feiran dies.
  • Auvry begins working with Gorsha
  • Auvry officially the only remaining Feiran.
  • Tirri Mettyn elected to the Council
  • Auvry is allowed to live at Mage Academy
  • Auvry is recognized as a Prentice and takes to the road.
  • Telo Ambrai becomes Chancellor of Ambrai (33 years old)
  • Kanen Ellevit elected to the Council
  • Collan born
  • Summer: The Battle of Domburron. Grand Duke killed.
  • Auvry returns to Ambrai.
  • Huntweek: Imilial Gorrst�s mother dies. Imi and Kanto Solingirt move to Kenrokeshir
  • 1st of Weaver’s Moon: Glenin born
  • Winter: Collan four years old, supposedly sold to Scraller
  • Summer: Collan begins to work in the kitchens.
  • Early Spring: Galazhi fawn early, Collan leaves kitchens forever.
  • Mid-Spring?: Collan joins the small class of slave-students.
  • Sela Trayos born
  • 3rd of First Flowers: Sarra Ambrai born
  • Collan, 9 years old, first sings before Scraller’s court.
  • Telo Ambrai, Chancellor of Ambraishir, dies. (Collan 10 years old)
  • Agatine and Orlin married
  • Collan tattooed, according to Sarra (11 or 12 years old)
  • Autumn: Council proposes Mageborns hold government office; Ambrai leads protests, proposal withdrawn.
  • Candleweek: Council withdraws proposal.
  • Winter: Proposal about testing for magic.
  • 10th of First Frost: Mage Captal Leninor Garvedian speaks on Ryka and returns to Ambrai.
  • St. Rilla’s Day, first of Snow Sparrow: 28 hours after leaving Ryka, Leninor Garvedian is arrested by the Council Guard for treason.
  • Wraithenday: Auvry returns to Ambrai. Cailet conceived.
  • Col acts as Scraller’s personal page.
  • Maichen and Auvry divorce.
  • First Moon: Glenin and Auvry to Ryka.
  • Maiden Moon: Rioting in Ambrai. Sarra and Maichen leave Ambrai and arrive and Ostinhold. Mai, Elin, and Pier Alvassy sail to the Alvassy villa in Bleynbradden where they stay with their grandparents, Elinar Alvassy and Piergan Rille.
  • 8th of Long Sun: Leninor Garvedian found guilty of treason.
  • Sailors Moon: Anniyas silences Falundir.
  • Hunt to Wildfire: Auvry away from Ryka� destroying Ambrai.
  • 8th or 9th of Drygrass: Ambrai burns. 32,000 die. Elseveth Garvedian takes Alvassy children and grandparents from Bleynbradden to Dombur via Ladder. Maichen hears news a couple days later and goes into labor. Sarra runs for help and finds Gorynel Desse.
  • First of Wildfire: Cailet born. Maichen dies shortly after. Gorsha takes Sarra to Sheve the next day.
  • Autumn Moon?: Collan’s fourth as Scraller’s page. According to Gorsha, Col is �officially 13 years old.� Gorsha takes Col from Scraller’s to the Ostin house in Combel.
  • Applefall to Snow Sparrow: Col journeys alone as far as Cantrashir.
  • Snow Sparrow: Gorsha finds Col and takes him to Falundir in Sheve Dark during Candleweek.
  • Elseveth Garvedian somewhere between 31 and 38 years old
  • Viko Garvedian born
  • First Flowers: Collan, 17, goes to St. Siralla’s Fair at Sleignhold. Meets Sarra, Agatine, Orlin, Verald, and Sela.
  • Weavers Moon or Last Moon: Glenin comes into her magic.
  • Orlin buys Agata Nalle
  • Collan with Falundir
  • First Moon: Collan turns 18, is Warded, and sets out on his own.
  • Spring Moon: Golonet Doriaz begins teaching Glenin.
  • Dalakards and Malerris being to argue over a vein of iron ore.
  • Geria marries Mircian Karellos, moves to Ostin house in Longriding.
  • Geria’s First Daughter, Mircia, born. Geria and family move to Combel.
  • Geria’s son Gerian born.
  • Late Spring: Golonet Doriaz summoned to Malerris Castle.
  • Maiden Moon: Council gives to vein of iron ore to Dalakards, summons goes out from Castle.
  • St. Fielto’s Day: Malerris Castle attacked by Council Guard and Ryka Legion. Golonet Doriaz dies.
  • Geria comes to Ostinhold to request the residence in Renig.
  • Lovers Moon: At the feast of St. Imili the Joyous, Glenin and Garon are betrothed.
  • Sailors Moon: Cailet’s argument with Geria.
  • A few weeks after Wildfire: The Scholar Mage begins to give Alin lessons.
  • First of Applefall: Cailet falls from the Agvir Wood and breaks her arm; Alin has magic problems that result in his later difficulties with magic.
  • First of Harvest: Gorynel Desse comes to Ostinhold and Wards Cailet.
  • Rosebloom: Glenin and Garon wed. Sarra sees Cailet in Pinderon, and is kidnapped by Collan.
  • Third of Wolfkill: Cailet’s first Wise Blood. A few weeks later, Cailet rides out to Crackwall Canyon and meets �Rinnel Solingirt�
  • Two weeks after Cailet meets “Rinnel”: Cailet builds her wall; begins studying with Rinnel.
  • First Moon: Tiers officially abolished.
  • Summer: During a short shower of clean rain, �Rinnel� tells Cailet the story of First Mother and First Man.
  • Agata Nalle becomes captain of Rose Crown
  • Irien Dombur elected to the Council
  • Wildfire: “Rinnel Solingirt” gives Cailet the pendent carved with volcanoes. Cailet studied with �Rinnel� for four years.
  • 9th of Snow Sparrow: Sarra leaves Roseguard to petition the Council.
  • 9th, 10th, and 11th of Snow Sparrow, First of Candleweek: Sarra, Alin, and Cal in Kenrokeshir. Imi and Kanto join them on the tenth.
  • Third of Candleweek: Sarra & co in Cantratown
  • 5th or 6th of Candleweek?: Sarra, Alin, and Val Ladder to Malerris Castle. They spend the next 4 or 5 nights bringing books back from the Academy.
  • 10th of Candleweek: Glenin discovers she’s pregnant.
  • Winter Solstice: Sarra & co finish clearing out the rare book vault in Ambrai
  • 4th of Midwinter Moon: Glenin boards a ship for Dombur Castle in Firrense. Vassa Doriaz waits onboard.
  • 5th of Midwinter Moon: Sarra boards the ship for Ryka in Havenport. Glenin �miscarries.�
  • 10th of Midwinter Moon: Auvry takes Glenin to Ryka by Ladder.
  • 9th of Nettle-and-Thorn: Sarra speaks before the Council
  • 10th of Nettle-and-Thorn: Sarra & co leave Ryka
  • 10th or 11th of First Moon: Collan delivers the flower message to Agatine
  • 10th of Shepard’s Moon: Sarra & co meet up with three more Mages in Neele, and Ilisa Neffe, Tamosin Wolvar, and Tamos Wolvar later that day.
  • 5th of Lady Moon: Sarra & co go back to Neele to board the Summer Star only to find it’s not there. Glenin takes the Rose Crown by force.
  • 6th of Lady Moon: Sarra & co return to the Bower of the Mask where Glenin finds them. Mai Alvassy dies. Lusira leaves Cantratown.
  • 8th of Lady Moon: Col, Agatine, Orlin, etc. flee Roseguard. Verald killed.
  • 9th of Lady Moon to the 4th or 5th of Ilsevet’s Moon: Col & co at the house in Ryka
  • 5th or 6th of Ilsevet’s Moon: Battle in Telo’s office. Agatine, Orlin, and Elom killed.
  • 5th of Ilsevet’s Moon?: Sarra & co trapped by acid storm
  • 6th of Ilsevet’s Moon?: Sarra sees Cai in Longriding. Cai’s Wards begin to break. Alin brings Cai through the Ladder to Bard Hall that night. Falundir of �middle years�
  • 10th of Ilsevet’s Moon: Gorsha’s �You made three incredibly stupid mistakes� speech. Col sings to Cai.
  • 11th of Ilsevet’s Moon: Gorsha begins his work with Cailet. Ilisa Neffe, Tamos Wolvar, Tamosin Wolvar, and Captal Adennos arrive. Lilen in Combel. Val sees campfire smoke from Octagon Court. It is decided that Cai will become Captal. Kanto Solingirt and Imi Gorrst arrive.
  • 1st of Spring Moon: Sela goes into labor with Joss. Cai becomes Captal. Tamos Wolvar, Lusath Adennos, Gorynel Desse, Alin Ostin, and Valrion Maurgen die. The Lords burn Ladders in Ambrai. Elin and Pier Alvassy arrive at Ostin house in Longriding.
  • 2nd of Spring Moon: The Lords cast the Net. Glenin discovers she’s pregnant with Jored. Cailet wakes up.
  • 3rd of Spring Moon: Cailet expands the Ladder and they leave for Longriding. Auvry and Glenin go back to Ryka to tell Anniyas about the deaths.
  • 7th of Spring Moon: Feleson Press reports over 600 Mage Guardians dead or imprisoned.
  • 2nd of Seeker’s Moon: Lusiria Garvedian, Tiron Mossen, and Keler Neffe arrive at the Longriding house.
  • 3rd of Seeker’s Moon: Collan’s conversation with Lisivet Mikleine about her �linguistic studies�
  • 8th or 9th of Seeker’s Moon: Sarra, Cailet, Collan, etc., arrive in Renig. Falundir, Sarra, and Elin in jail. Collan kills Scraller. Collan in jail.
  • 9th or 10th of Seeker’s Moon: �Trial� of Sarra, Elin, Falundir, Col, Mages, and Rising members. Ryka Legion comes, Sarra and Col separated from others and head towards Combel. Cailet casts the Summons.
  • 10th or 11th of Seeker’s Moon: Cailet & co arrive at Shipwrecked Sailor.
  • 11th of Seeker’s Moon or 1st of Lover’s Moon: The surviving Rising members and Mages catch up with Cai at the Shipwrecked Sailor.
  • 1st or 2nd of Lover’s Moon: Sarra and Col arrive at the Crossroads of St. Feleris
  • 3rd or 4th of Lover’s Moon: Glenin feels the Summons.
  • 11th of Seeker’s Moon or 1st of Lover’s Moon: Collan tells/figures out his Truth
  • 5th of Lover’s Moon: Cailet & co cross Blighted Bay. Glenin tells Auvry about feeling the Summons.
  • 6th of Lover’s Moon: Body count of Mages at 923. Auvry Ladders to Crossroads, leaves with Collan.
  • 7th of Lover’s Moon: Cailet & co in Ambraishir. Col’s Wards dissolve?
  • 8th of Lover’s Moon: Sarra leaves Crossroads
  • 9th of Lover’s Moon: Sarra reaches Blighted Bay.
  • 10th and 11th of Lover’s Moon: Sarra works her way across Blighted Bay on a fishing boat.
  • 1st of Green Bells: Sarra ends her sting as a deckhand
  • 2nd of Green Bells: Imi finds Sarra. Cai &co; arrive in Ambrai. Glenin Ladders to Ambrai and sees Cailet.
  • 8th of Green Bells: Sarra and Imi arrive in Ambrai
  • 10th of Green Bells: Taig Ostin and Vassa Doriaz die.
  • 1st of First Flowers: Glenin visits Col in the albadon. Garon’s birthingday dinner. Cailet meets Anniyas at Octagon Court. Garon and Avira Anniyas die. Cailet meets Glenin at Octagon Court. Cailet maimed mentally and physically. The Rising declared in Malachite Hall, and happens spontaneously in Neele, Renig, Domburr Castle, Isodir, and elsewhere. Auvry Feiran dies. Sarra announces the abolishment of identity disks and slavery.
  • 2nd of First Flowers: Cai learns that Ostinhold burned and that Malerris Castle has been Warded.
  • 3rd of First Flowers: Sarra turns 23 and marries Collan.
  • 4th of First Flowers: Cai goes to Ostinhold.
  • 5th or 6th of First Flowers to Drygrass: Cai travels in search of mageborns.
  • Allflower: Aidan moves to Maurgen Hundred
  • Autumn Moon: Jored born on equinox.
  • Applefall to Snow Sparrow: Cai travels Lenfell Warding Ladders to Malerris Castle.
  • Snow Sparrow: Lusira and Elomar married.
  • First of Candleweek: Ryka riots because of election results. Cai and 56 Mages stop the riot.
  • Midwinter Moon: New government seated. Cailet’s official account of the deaths of Auvry and Anniyas.