Melanie has written quite a few books, the titles and covers of which can be seen on her Published Books List.

If you’re looking for THE CAPTAL’S TOWER good luck in finding it. Melanie’s had a few complications (including shoulder surgery) that have kept her from even starting it. She’s currently working on SPELLBINDER, a new stand-alone novel.

From a conversation held with Melanie in early 1995, on her Ruins of Ambrai signing tour, Melanie stated that she would be interested in writing a prequel to the Dragon Prince books, about Lady Merisel and the original struggle of the faradhi versus the diarmadhi, but wasn’t thinking about what she would be doing in the future. “You never know what might happen, though,” she said. But considering that she is now signed to a major publisher, AVON, the only circumstances that she would be able to write more of her books, that she wrote under DAW, would be if her popularity increased phenomenally and DAW released their rights to the series.

She was asked about this again, at a recent signing at Third Planet books in Torrance, CA, by a very dedicated fan of the sunrunner books. “If I did do it, it would probably happen in the next millennium.” The fan also asked about Meig, commenting on his ‘specialness.’ “You bet Meig’s special. He’s got a few things buggin’ him. But we won’t address that issue for a while.. I’ve got an island to blow up [editor’s note: refering to Keftiu].”

There are only a few pages around the Web, but EXILES: The Melanie Rawn Home Page is the Official Web Page, with links to the others on the Web. It’s run by Irena Pereira and is home to the Official Fan Club Home Page, Pandemonium.

Sunrunner’s Circle, a snail mail fan club for Melanie, is now defunct. Dawn Walker, the woman who ran it, was having a hard time with work/school/etc. and didn’t feel she could run it to the best of her ability anymore.

There was. Pandemonium ran for almost 2 years but the cost of maintaining it, the time required to publish it, and the lack of new information or news from Melanie all worked against its survival. Pandemonium moved itself online to in 1998, and soon after launched a message board where Melanie Rawn fans could meet and chat about everything and anything,. The BB is still going strong (through thick and thin) today. Stop by and visit.

Melanie has been actively participating in our message board. Don’t be afraid to ask her a question in the General Discussion section of the BB.

As a matter of fact, yes! You can visit it, and feel free to post, at alt.books.sf.melanie-rawn.

Due to problems of copyright and violations thereof, there will never be a Dragon Prince MUSH/MUDD. Melanie has stated very clearly that though she supports creativity in everyway, she believes that creativity should be from the individual, and not from her. Her writings are her livelyhood, the way she pays the bills, and it would be unfair of us, as her fans, to take that from her.

For those of you who don’t know what a MUSH or a MUDD is, it’s an online role-playing game, that is programmed into a certain scenario. There used to be a Melanie Rawn MUSH, but it has since closed down for the above reasons.

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