Year Events

  • Born
  • Parents die, Davvi made Lord of River Run
  • brother Davvi marries to Wisla, River View added to River Run lands.
  • Sioned is sent to Goddess Keep.
  • First ring aquired and Rohan’s face is seen in the Fire. Jahni and Maarken born to Rohan’s sister Tobin.
  • Has Six rings. Prince Zehava of the Desert dies and Rohan gains the throne. Sioned goes to Desert by Lady Andrade’s command. Sioned marries Prince Rohan of the Desert and becomes Princess of the Desert First Rialla with Rohan. Scam is played on Roelstra, the High Prince, by them.
  • Andry and Sorin born to Tobin.
  • Plague hits the Continent, Sioned is rendered barren. Milar, Rohan’s mother, Camigwen, Sioned’s friend, and Jahni die from Plague.
  • Rohan kidnapped by Ianthe. On rescue mission, Sioned is captured and imprisoned until Ianthe releases both. Sioned and Rohan grow apart slightly by what occured at Feruche.
  • Pol born to Ianthe, Sioned takes Pol and destroys Feruche. Princemarch vs. Desert war begins. Rohan kills Roelstra during a battle inside a Star-Weaving dome. Princemarch vs. Desert war ends.
  • Princes gather at Stronghold. Sioned becomes High Princess. Pandsala declared Regent of Princemarch for Pol. Dragon and Emerald ring made official seal of the High Prince.
  • An imposter that calls himself Roelstra’s son, Masul, challenges Pol’s right to Princemarch’s throne. Maarken duels as Pol’s Champion. Masul is killed. Nephew Tilal marries Princess Gemma of Ossetia. Maarken and Hollis marry. Ostvel and Alasen marry. Sioned proclaims Sorin Lord of Feruche so that he would rebuild it. Sioned meets Elisel, her dragon-friend. Lady Andrade dies, Andry made Lord of Goddess Keep. Rohan makes plans to build Dragon’s Rest.
  • Ostevel takes over Castle Crag and Pol’s regency.
  • Urival and Morwenna come to Stronghold to teach Pol.
  • Sorin killed by Marron, Ianthe’s son. Ruval, Ianthe’s oldest, challenges Pol to a diarmadhi duel. Pol uses the Star Scroll to fight. Dragons return to Rivenrock. Andry sees visions of doom sent by the Goddess. Andry goes out on a diarmadhi killing spree. Pol marries Meiglan.
  • Jihan and Rislyn born to Pol and Meiglan.
  • Vellant’im invade the Continent. Rohan, at 60, goes to war. Rohan dies and Pol assends the throne to High Prince and Prince of the Desert. Sioned gives up Princesship of the Desert and High Princesship to Meiglan. Radzyn taken and Stronghold burns. Tallain killed. Jahnavi killed. All retreat to Feruche. Meiglan and Rislyn kidnapped by Miyon and taken to Vellant’im camp. Pol stages a battle at Skybowl where Meiglan is killed and Vellant’im are defeated and driven home.
  • Sioned dies of her own free will. She loses herself in the starlight.