An entirely new world, wherein three sisters fight a private battle, and the outcome will determine whether wild magic and wraithenbeasts will be unleashed upon the world of Lenfell.


A new series published by TOR Books.

Short Stories:

“Salve, Regina”
“The Abbot of Croxton”
“Of the Death of Kings”
“There Goes the NEighborhood”
“The Lady’s Gift”
(and Introduction)

(Roberson; 1995 DAW)
(Roberson; 1997 DAW)
(Maisse-Ferch, Greenberg; 1996 DAW)
Resnic, Greenberg; 1997 DAW)
(Weis; 1998 Wamer Books)
(Massie-Ferch, Greenberg, Gilliam; 1995 DAW)