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A little birdie has informed me that neither THE DIVINER nor THE CAPTAL’S TOWER has been written yet, and that DAW intends to release them at the earliest possible date after DAW receives the final manuscript for either. If the wait for them is getting you down, you can relive the greatest Melanie Rawn moments at the message board. Or check out the cover art for THE DIVINER!


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Finally, finally, finally! I’m incredibly excited to be able to offer you all with what you’ve all been waiting for: the cover artwork for THE DIVINER. Now, I may have reported that THE DIVINER is due in November of this year, but as of now, there’s actually no release date set. But in the meantime, take a look at this beautiful art.

Project Announcement: KEFTIU

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Melanie has recently signed a contract with a mainstream publisher (AVON) and has two books slated for the future, one of which is a historical fiction novel, Keftiu, about an ancient Minoan civilization (dealing with the natural demise of the island Thera). Before she starts on this new contract, she is planning on fulfilling her EXILES series with DAW Books.

Melanie Rawn Chat at Talkcity

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Melanie Rawn had a chat at TalkCity in April of ’98 with Pandemonium members and other fans. Take a look at what she had to say!

THE GOLDEN KEY is published

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Melanie’s collaboration with Jennifer Roberson and Kate ElliottThe Golden Key has been selling well to lots of critical acclaim!

Here are a few honors bestowed on The Golden Key:

  • World Fantasy Award finalist for Best Novel of 1996
  • VOYA’s 1996 Best SF, Fantasy, and Horror Books of the Year
  • LOCUS Recommended Reading List 1996

Check out the Publisher’s Weekly Review of The Golden Key.

Award Nominations

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If you never knew before, Melanie has been nominated for a number of awards.. here’s a few for you to peruse:

Pub. DateTitleCategoryNom. DateWhoVotes
1988Dragon Princefirst novel1989Locus/6
1993Dragon Star Book III: Skybowlfantasy novel1994Locus/18
1994Exiles 1: The Ruins of Ambraifantasy novel1995Locus/20